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When you think of the word "pulp," you might think about something that is soft and squishy, like an overripe fruit. It may be hard to imagine your teeth, which are clearly hard to the touch, as being remotely "pulp-like." However, in dentistry terms, the "pulp" of your tooth refers to the inner chamber of your tooth, surrounded by the harder dense materials that protect this internal room containing all of the nerves, blood vessels, and other connecting tissues.

The pulp was necessary when your teeth were developing in adolescence, enabling the roots to grow. However, when this pulp gets infected, it must be removed or its close proximity will greatly damage your tooth, your gums, and even your whole jawline. When you are looking for treatment for root canals in New York, know that City Endodontics PLLC is ready to offer you the highest quality of service available.

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Symptoms of Tooth Infection

It is very important to try to identify the signs of a root canal early on, before the symptoms get more serious. The longer you wait, the worse the infection gets, and the more difficult it is to save your natural tooth. Some patients wait so long, in fear of the root canal treatment itself, that they end up losing their teeth. This tragedy could be avoided if they identified common symptoms and immediately called their dentist from the beginning.

Some of the most typical symptoms that demonstrate you might need to get a root canal can include the following:

  • Throbbing toothache or piercing migraines
  • Swollen lymph nodes on your throat or in your neck
  • Swelling of your cheeks and face
  • Increased sensitivity to very cold or very hot foods
  • Sharp pain whenever you are biting or chewing
  • High fever temperatures
  • Persistent bad breath

When you notice that you have these symptoms or even a combination of them, it is crucial to see a dentist as soon as possible, since your tooth has probably been jeopardized by an abscess.

The Root Canal Procedure

The way that a root canal works is that a tiny hole is carefully made within the root to allow any infectious material of bacteria-filled debris to be moved out. When all of the rotted material has been fully taken away, it's time to completely fill the inner chamber and the access hole with delicate material called "gutta-percha," a rubbery substance that keeps bacteria and infection from forming.

At this point, we can then put a dental crown which perfectly fits on the end of your root. Here at City Endodontics PLLC, we offer a tremendous variety of options for crowns, all so you can have a wide selection of shapes, sizes, colors, and even material types.

Professional Care & Protection

There are many myths about root canals, as the misconception that root canals cause pain. In reality, our professional team is here to tell you that root canals will actually save you from experiencing that agonizing pain. For all your root canals in New York, trust City Endodontics PLLC to give you true protection.

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Patient Testimonials

A Reason to Smile
  • “Dr. Johnson was very patient in answering all my questions and the root canal procedure was painless. Totally painless. His staff (Lily, Kim, Maria) is exceptionally friendly and welcoming, resembling a family more than a dental office.”

    - Hugues F.
  • “Great experience, patient & extremely knowledgeable doctor, supportive staff. A priceless experience. I would recommend my family to City Endodontic all the time.”

    - Philip S.
  • “Dr. Marcus Johnson was kind, patient, and incredibly professional. I was so scared of this procedure, but he kept me calm and talked me through it. Since then, my regular dentist even said that it was a beautifully done root canal.”

    - Sabra M.

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