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Once upon a time, dentists tried to figure out what pain was troubling your teeth by simply saying, "Open wide!" Unfortunately, of course, this was a crude process, and no matter how a patient strained their mouths, simply opening "wider" could not reveal the extent of minuscule oral problems almost invisible to the naked human eye.

Now that we have the innovations of x-ray technology, it is almost impossible to imagine a time where dentists could manage without it. X-ray pictures, also known as radiographs, can help dentists identify issues that are deep within the darkest crevices of your mouth, including problems that haven’t even reached the surface of your teeth. Here at City Endodontics PLLC, our skilled dentists have rescued countless teeth, as well as prevented unbearable pain for our patients, all through our digital x-rays.

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Understanding the Precision of Digital X-Rays

The invention of digital x-rays has rapidly transformed the dental industry, and there is no going back. While digital x-rays, like normal x-rays, also take images of your individual tooth or several teeth to then display upon an imaging program, they have much more accuracy and detail. Even more beneficial to our patients’ health, our sensitive digital versions use about 90% less radiation than traditional methods.

The way that our digital x-rays work is that our dentists take a miniature electronic sensor and carefully put it inside your mouth. The picture we capture is instantly blown up upon a computer screen, so that every sign of abscess, tooth decay, gum disease, or jaw misalignment is easily visible. This instant method does not need to be chemically processed, which is how it manages to cut radiation exposure dramatically.

Key Benefits of Choosing Digital X-Rays

In addition to drastically decreasing the exposure to radiation, there are many advantages that digital x-rays can give to both patients and dentists. City Endodontics PLLC provides patients with a safer and more accurate form of x-ray technology.

Some of the greatest benefits of contemporary digital x-rays include:

  • Immediate Results Without Chemical Processing – Since digital x-rays do not require any film to be processed, or for any hazardous chemicals to be meticulously disposed of in toxic-safe containers, you do not have to wait for extensive periods of time just to receive your pictures. You can immediately see them pop up on your dentist’s computer screen.
  • Enhanced Image Clarity for Better Diagnosis – Thanks to modern technological enhancements, the images of your teeth are more detailed and clear than ever before. When we zoom in to examine a trouble spot, there is no more pixelated blur, since the contrast can be instantly viewed without any technical distortion. You can even view these images simultaneously with your prior x-rays, noticing the most subtle differences between tooth development or corrosion.
  • Effortless Digital Storage and Sharing – Your dentist can quickly share your digitalized x-rays with other dentists and staff in the same office, or even at other offices if you ever move. It is difficult to misplace them now that they are available as digital files.

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Having digital x-rays can give you utter peace of mind as you can see for yourself exactly what is wrong with your teeth and how your skilled dentists at City Endodontics PLLC will solve the issue. For truly accurate assessments, you can count on our digital x-rays in to provide real, rapid answers.

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Patient Testimonials

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  • “Dr. Johnson was very patient in answering all my questions and the root canal procedure was painless. Totally painless. His staff (Lily, Kim, Maria) is exceptionally friendly and welcoming, resembling a family more than a dental office.”

    - Hugues F.
  • “Great experience, patient & extremely knowledgeable doctor, supportive staff. A priceless experience. I would recommend my family to City Endodontic all the time.”

    - Philip S.
  • “Dr. Marcus Johnson was kind, patient, and incredibly professional. I was so scared of this procedure, but he kept me calm and talked me through it. Since then, my regular dentist even said that it was a beautifully done root canal.”

    - Sabra M.

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