Surgical Instructions

Surgical Instructions

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Here at City Endodontics PLLC, it is absolutely critical to us that our patients are well taken care of throughout the entire process of surgery. Our practice cares for the well-being of our patients every step of the way, which is why they must be informed about each part of the process.

We want you to feel so well-prepared that you can completely relax during the surgery, knowing you are in the best of hands. By providing these instructions, we want to answer all your questions regarding surgical dentistry in New York so you have no anxiety when the procedure starts.

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Before Receiving Anesthesia

Before you prepare to receive anesthesia, it is critical to follow certain steps. If you do not exactly follow these instructions, you may need to delay the surgery since it will not work under certain conditions.

When preparing for anesthesia, make sure to:

  • Avoid drinking or eating any food for at least eight hours before the surgery will be performed
  • Do not smoke in the 12 hours before the surgery
  • Make sure you bring someone to the surgery who is legally able to drive you home when the procedure is completed
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses or jewelry
  • Be sure to take out dentures before coming
  • Have any regular medications approved by your dentist

After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Once you have had your wisdom tooth extracted surgically, it is important to follow certain procedures for post-operative care so that your mouth can heal quickly and fully. Right after you have had your tooth or teeth removed, you will need to hold down a gauze pad gently for about 45 minutes or longer, in order that the blood can properly clot. It is imperative that you do not spit, rinse your mouth, gargle, or drink from a straw, which could make the blood clot break free and restart the whole process

Do not participate in exercise, sports, or more engaged physical activities. Otherwise, you might dislodge the clot as well. Instead, take the prescribed medication from your dentist at the correct times, always following the appropriate dosage.

After Dental Implant Surgery

Following surgeries which have required you to get a dental implant, you should really be resting in between 48-72 hours, since resting exponentially increases the speed of healing, and halts bleeding from occurring after the surgery. While you should drink a lot of fluids, make sure these fluids are neither too hot or cold. If your implants were made along the top of your jaw, try to avoid even blowing your nose to avoid accidentally eliminating all of the hard work the dentist just did.

After Impacted Tooth Surgery

An impacted tooth is a tooth that has been crowded due to the lack of space within the dental arch. Therefore, your dentist will need to use surgery to carefully remove it. Following the procedure, you will most likely experience some swelling and minor discomfort, but do not be anxious, since this swelling and slight pain means your tissue is recovering correctly. Take prescribed meds, eat softer food, and get lots of rest.

Multiple Tooth Extractions

While removing one or two teeth is quite simple, having several teeth extracted will greatly affect your entire jawline, which needs to be reshaped for dentures. Since this surgery is more extensive you will have a lot of swelling in the mouth and around it, and even around your eyes. When the portions near your eyes change color in your skin, put on a compress that has been warmed. It is normal for your neck, throat, and mouth muscles to be sore following surgery.

If you have any questions, you do not have to wait for the post-surgery appointment 48 hours after the operation, but instead, call us for immediate answers.

Contact us now at (212) 725-2573 to learn more about our New York dentistry and surgical instructions from City Endodontics PLLC.

Patient Testimonials

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  • “Dr. Johnson was very patient in answering all my questions and the root canal procedure was painless. Totally painless. His staff (Lily, Kim, Maria) is exceptionally friendly and welcoming, resembling a family more than a dental office.”

    - Hugues F.
  • “Great experience, patient & extremely knowledgeable doctor, supportive staff. A priceless experience. I would recommend my family to City Endodontic all the time.”

    - Philip S.
  • “Dr. Marcus Johnson was kind, patient, and incredibly professional. I was so scared of this procedure, but he kept me calm and talked me through it. Since then, my regular dentist even said that it was a beautifully done root canal.”

    - Sabra M.

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