Post Op Instructions

Post Op Instructions

Guiding You through the Recovery Phase

After you have been through oral surgery, you are probably very relieved to have the pain that had been bothering you for so long suddenly relieved. The first thing you might want to do is get back to normal by eating your favorite foods that you had been avoiding, perhaps due to sensitivity to heat or cold, or because they were too chewy or crunchy for fragile teeth.

However understandably excited you may be, our empathetic team at City Endodontics PLLC still advises to proceed with caution after oral surgery to make sure your mouth fully heals and does not suffer from complications. This includes only eating after anesthesia completely wears off, or you could seriously injure soft tissues of your gum, cheeks, and tongue. If you completely follow your dentist’s post op instructions, you will find the healing process to be much quicker.

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Root Canal Therapy

If you have needed to have a root canal procedure, it is completely normal for your mouth to be sore for a little while. There are several procedures you should follow to bring your mouth to full restoration without infections.

Steps you should take after endodontic (root canal) treatment include:

  • Taking an analgesic medication. This is very helpful in providing you with quick pain relief, even within the first hour. The most effective strategy would be taking the analgesic before the anesthesia dissipates, to keep the pain at bay.
  • Do not chew with the tooth that underwent operation until your root canal treatment has been completely finished, and the dentist has already put a crown, bridge, or other protective restoration over it. Any restorations should be in place between 2-4 weeks of the operation on your root canal.

Crowns & Bridges

As you wait to receive a permanent bridge or crown to support your teeth, your dentist will give you a functional piece that serves as a temporary replacement just until the permanent one can be added. Because this temporary piece isn’t very strong as your permanent piece will be, it is crucial to clean, brush, floss, and eat with extra care.

White Fillings (Bonding)

If you have gotten a white filling, your teeth tend to be extra sensitive while the anesthesia is wearing off. It is helpful to not eat extremely cold or hot drinks or food in the following few days, or strongly colored substances, like curry, which could stain the newly applied fillings. After a few days, you can eat and drink normally.


One of the most important things you need after your surgery is an extra amount of rest. The place where the tooth was extracted will also bleed a bit after surgery, so just keep changing gauzes if they get soaked. Always call your dentist if bleeding is still occurring after 24 hours. Avoid resting lying down to stop the bleeding, instead of propping your head up with some pillows. Take any pain medications as directed for soreness, as well as ice packs.

Contact us now at (212) 725-2573 so that our New York dental practice at City Endodontics PLLC can help you with instructions for post op care.

Patient Testimonials

A Reason to Smile
  • “Dr. Johnson was very patient in answering all my questions and the root canal procedure was painless. Totally painless. His staff (Lily, Kim, Maria) is exceptionally friendly and welcoming, resembling a family more than a dental office.”

    - Hugues F.
  • “Great experience, patient & extremely knowledgeable doctor, supportive staff. A priceless experience. I would recommend my family to City Endodontic all the time.”

    - Philip S.
  • “Dr. Marcus Johnson was kind, patient, and incredibly professional. I was so scared of this procedure, but he kept me calm and talked me through it. Since then, my regular dentist even said that it was a beautifully done root canal.”

    - Sabra M.

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